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As well as our direct from our flush plates shop you can also buy via our Amazon store.

Buying direct means you enjoy better prices from us , however ,we understand the convenience of Amazon so if you choose to you can purchase our flush plates safely and swiftly via our Amazon Store too. As I mentioned you will pay more due to the Amazon fees we incur but with large stocks & next day delivery for Amazon Prime members, it is another option for all our customers.

You choose whichever is easiest and most cost effective to you, whichever channel you choose, you still get the same great quality flush plates along with our back up and service

A flush plate is often a little considered factor in the bathroom, lagging behind the big boys of baths, showers, brassware, tiles etc, however once you have carefully planned out your bathroom, the humble flush plate becomes extremely important finishing touch to ensure you achieve that dream finish you want, matt black brassware? you’re going to need that matt black flush plate to finish off the look, brushed stainless steel? don’t worry we have you covered with our brushed stainless steel flush plate.

And don’t worry if you a chrome kind of person, we have you covered with that too, our chrome flush plate is still one of the best sellers in our range.

Whatever your choice, we have a flush plate for you in our flush plates shop.

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