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Extended Rods Now In Store

Extended rods are now in available in our store.

You can purchase these in packs which contain one pair of extension flush rods and one pair of extension fixing rods.

When You Need Extended Rods

Fixing and flush rods come in a pack with all our UVO flush plates as a standard and for most installations they will work perfectly .

However, there are certain installations that may require rods that are longer in length due to the void being slightly deeper than normal.

UVO Extended Flush Rod
UVO extended flush rods and fixing rods.
UVO Extended fixing Rod

This could be due to wanting to have the stud wall slightly further forward, slightly thicker stud, or because of the exterior finish, be it slightly thicker tiles, or shower wall, there are a number of factors that may require extended rods.

These extended rods come with several ‘snap off’ sections meaning you can snap them off to a length that suits you.

Great Value

You will see that as with all our UVO range, these are available at great value and come with free delivery anywhere in mainland Britain.

Additionally, if you need any information on fitting our flush plates don’t forget to visit our technical help page where you will find handy instructional videos.

That includes a range of helpful ‘how to’ instructional videos including..

Quickly install your UVO flush plate.

How to change the Geberit flush valve.

How To change the Geberit fill valve.

Our videos have helped many people, so if they help you don’t forget to let us know in the comments section

Alternatively, if you like a good read, take a look around our blog page , where we have more information on all our products along with some general bathroom musings.

Above all, we are always happy to here directly from you too, so get in touch if you have any questions.

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