Geberit Impuls 250 Valve

Geberit Impuls 250

Geberit Impuls 250 Valve

Each month we will look at some of the Items you may need to replace from your cistern.

This month it’s the turn of one of  the most widely used and best selling valves The Geberit Impuls 250.

The Geberit Impuls 250

Also known as the Twico valve, this flush valve is used by many manufacturers in the cisterns.

Big brands including Duravit, Roca, Ideal Standard and Villeroy & Boch Laufen and Vitra have all used Geberit valves in their cisterns.

The great thing about these valves is that if it’s just a replacement button or the rods that need replacing, you can purchase these independently of the valve, these are low cost and provide an excellent ,easy fix for your toilet cistern.

Geberit Flush Button
Twico 1 Button Replacement

180mm Flush Rods

Dual Flush Button


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