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Oh great, you found our website here at flushplates .com

Flushplates .com ? I imagine you have lots of questions  what’s this website all about? , do you have flush plates to fit my cistern?, or maybe even what the hell is a flush plate? Well, don’t worry we have all that covered and will hopefully answer all your questions over the coming weeks and months here in our blog.

So firstly and most importantly welcome to our website!, where we hope you will find your perfect flush plate amongst our wide range to fit your cistern and give your bathroom that finishing touch it deserves.

What we do here at flushplates.com

You will see within our shop that we currently offer flush plates to fit  Geberit UP320 and Geberit UP720 Cisterns, we will however, over the coming months be adding to our stocks and our aim is to provide you with flush plates that are not only aesthetically pleasing but will also please your bank balance too.

if you are looking at a new purchase, upgrading your existing flush plate or looking to replace a faulty or broken flush plate , you will hopefully find whatever you are looking for in our online store.

So, let’s start at the beginning and answer a question no doubt many of you have “What is a flush plate?”

Well, a flush plate unsurprisingly does exactly what it says, it’s a plate you have on the front of a concealed cistern which lets you flush it, you have probably all used one many times but have not even realised or more likely given any consideration to what it is, why would you?, I mean who goes into bathrooms and starts thinking about products in there, particularly ones that are toilet related, (well, sadly we do!), weird I know, but it’s our background and our source of inspiration to start this website and help you achieve the clean , modern finishing touch your want for your bathroom.

But when designing your bathroom, the flush plate is the finishing touch in that room and can really give it that wow factor ?.

Increasingly, people are now using concealed cisterns in their bathrooms and why not? I mean who wants an ugly cistern with a little lever on show, It’s the thing that stores the water and you use to flush your toilet, why on earth would you want this thing in full sight of everyone that comes into your bathroom?

Some people go even further and not only want their cistern concealed but also want their toilet pan off the floor, this is called a ‘wall hung toilet’, the advantages of this are obvious, you now have a toilet off the floor not only giving the illusion of more room but you can easily now clean under and around the toilet, meaning it is more hygienic and less time consuming when it comes to cleaning.

Sales of wall hung toilets have soared in the last 5 years as more people become familiar & comfortable with them.


Installing a wall hung toilet could not be easier, there are many manufacturers out there now that make great quality wall hung frames that have a cistern built into them and every one of them require a flush plate and whilst it’s important to get a good concealed cistern or wall hung frame that will do its job, it doesn’t matter what it looks like as nobody is ever going to see it boxed in or behind the wall, the flush plate on the other hand is there for all to see and getting the right one will give you the finish that you and everyone else who comes into your home will see.

Over the coming weeks on our blog here at flushplates.com we will go into this in more depth , take you through the various options and hope to provide you with all the information you need on this market, until then thanks for visiting and feel free to browse our store and  contact us if you need any further information.


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