Stainless Steel Flush Plate

Strong, Reliable Stainless Steel Flush Plate –

Our UVO stainless steel metal flush plate is old favourite but still going strong.

Stainless steel is an extremely popular option in the bathroom.

It is an extremely durable and hard wearing metal and makes this an incredibly robust option for your bathroom or toilet.

Robust, brushed finish

Our Brushed Stainless Steel flush plate has always been one of our best sellers and with good reason.

Stainless Steel Flush Plate

The quality and robustness means it is a great option for not only household bathrooms but also high traffic areas.

Subsequently ,we have also sold these into retailers, construction companies , restaurants and many more businesses.

This metal flush plate offers the perfect utility for both residential and commercial bathrooms.

Your choice

With our UVO range of flush plates you can have a wide range of styles to suit.

From Matt Black to Matt White, Chrome and of course Stainless Steel, you will find a flush plate to fit your style and budget here.

All our dual flush plate are suitable for Geberit Sigma cisterns only. You can find more information on why we believe these cisterns are the best in the business here

Additionally, don’t forget to visit our technical help page where you will find handy instructional videos.

That includes a range of helpful ‘how to’ instructional videos including..

Quickly install your UVO flush plate.

How to change the Geberit flush valve.

How To change the Geberit fill valve.

Our videos have helped many people, so if they help you don’t forget to let us know in the comments section

Alternatively, head over to our blog page , where we have articles, videos and a range of information on all our products along with some general bathroom musings.

Above all, we are always happy to here directly from you too, so get in touch if you have any questions.

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