‘Tech Talk’ explained

Here at Flushplates.com we believe in providing you with all the information and cutting through the ‘tech talk’  so you can make an informed decision on whether you want to go with a wall hung toilet.

All the wall hung products we sell contain the information you need and the technical specification diagrams for you to view , however , we understand that sometimes stuff gets a little to ‘techy’ and whilst we aim to provide all the information in the product description, it’s also good to break it down into laymen terms and explain exactly what you are getting for your money,

Sometimes buying online can me a bit of minefield and whilst you think you are purchasing exactly what you need, you can sometimes be disappointed that it doesn’t suit your requirements or even worse that the product does not come with all the parts you need, you know the bit some people conveniently only put in the small print?.

For this blog post I am going to try and break down exactly what it is you will get in your wall hung frame and what application you need it for, so let’s start with the following, these are some of the features, benefits and instructions you will generally see with Geberit Wall Hung Frames, so let’s start specifically with the following product.

          Geberit Duofix Wall Hung WC Frame H112 with 120mm Sigma Cistern UP320



  • For installation of a wall-hung WC with bolt fixings set at 180 or 230 mm centres
  • If you look at the back of any wall hung toilet pan you will see two holes, this is where you fit the toilet onto the bolts on the frame, almost all wall hung pans have holes either 180mm or 230mm apart, with the frame being able to accommodate both these settings, you are covered and can fit almost all wall hung toilets onto the wall hung frame, from my personal point of view I have never come across a wall hung pan which has its fixings at neither of these dimensions, but it’s always worth confirming prior to any purchase of wall hung toilet pans.


  • For installation in a room-height Duofix system wall in front of a solid or drywall construction
  • Basically this says you can attach the frame to a solid wall then build a false wall infront concealing it, this is actually how I have installed mine in my house, I have a wall hung frame, basin frame and shower pipes behind my stud wall, it makes your room slightly smaller, but you would never notice and creates a modern clean look, you can also fix the frame into you stud wall without attaching to any back wall should you wish too, both options are as good as each other and offer freedom to use the frame in pretty much any situation.


  • For connecting Geberit AquaClean
  • If you see this, it doesn’t mean it is specifically for this particular wall hung toilet,  Geberit manufacture a shower toilet call “AquaClean” this is a toilet that cleans and washes you with a water jet, these shower toilets have been used widely in Japan and have become more popular in The UK over the last few years with many manufacturers now making their own versions of shower toilets,  The AquaClean requires its own power connection and set up and all this title means it is you can also use the AquaClean along with any other wall hung toilet pan with this frame.


       Features & Benefits explained


  • Powder-coated frame
  • Powder coating provides resistance against rusting


  • Galvanised leg supports,  adjustable 0 – 200 mm
  • You can adjust the height of the frame via the legs at the bottom, the legs are self impeding meaning adjustment is a one person job, simply adjust to your chosen height then tighten up using a spanner


  • Frame with holes ø 9 mm for fastening in wood frame construction
  • As discussed earlier , should you wish to attach within your stud framework, you can do it quickly and easily with this feature.


  • Concealed cistern fully insulated against condensation
  • A jacket around the cistern protects against any condensation


  • Concealed cistern for tool-free maintenance
  • You don’t need any tools to maintain,replace of repair any issues with the cistern, simply remove the flush plate giving you access to the cistern , turn the isolation valve to isolate the water flow and replace any part quickly and easily.


  • Frame height 1120 mm
  • Height of the frame, this also allows lifting of the toilet seat without it obscuring or touching the flush plate


  • With wall brackets to allow up to a 200 mm duct. For larger ducts up to 400 mm use extension bolts 111.887.00.1
  • These are the fixing brackets that  allow you to attach the frame to the wall, the max length is 200mm, although in reality you don’t really want to go any more than around 180mm, the extension bolts are readily available and easy to add on, if you need a distance from the wall of more than 200mm, an important point to make is all our frames come complete with these wall brackets, you may see cheaper options of the what appears to be the same frame online but be aware that some of these do not come with these wall brackets, if you see a Geberit 1.12 frame with the part number 111.384.00.5 , this is the version supplied without wall brackets, our model here is the 111.383.00.5 complete with wall brackets.


  • Tool-free fastening for outlet bend, sound-absorbing, adjustable in depth with 8 positions, adjustable range 45 mm
  • A good feature of the Geberit wall hung frame is the option to adjust the depth of the flush bend, it has different settings in the pipe fixing and can be easily adjusted to your desired setting, the flush pipe fixing also contains sound absorbing material, meaning the noise of the flush is reduced, ideal for suite bathrooms when your other half is asleep!.


  • Connection hose to angle stop valve can be screwed without tools
  • Just another tool free feature to ensure any maintenance and installation of the inside of the cistern is tool free.


  • Water supply connection at centre back or at the top
  • Easily connect your water feed via the back or the top of the cistern


  • The protection cover protects the service opening against moisture and dirt and can be mounted without tools and cut to length
  • Add this to the front of the cistern and easily cut down to the required depth ,depending on the thickness of your board and wall tiles.


I hope this brief explanation of what the all the feature and benefits descriptions mean helps you in making a decision before purchasing your wall hung frame, in the next blog we will break down in a little more detail about what you get in the box.


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