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Advantages Of Wall Hung Toilets

Let’s talk about the perks of opting for a wall hung toilet and clear up some common misconceptions that might hold you back from choosing one.

So, what exactly do we mean by “wall hung toilet”?

Firstly, it’s not literally floating on the wall, but it gives that impression because it’s securely mounted using a frame behind the wall.

Secondly, The frame is fastened to the wall with two bolts, supports the toilet pan, leaving you with a neat, wall-mounted toilet against your tiles.

Concerned about safety?

Many wonder if a wall hung toilet is secure enough. Take Geberit Wall Hung frames, for instance. They’re tested to hold up to 400 kg! That’s a lot of weight!

Plus, opting for a wall hung frame or concealed cistern means you can hide unsightly pipework behind the wall.

Now, let’s talk cleanliness.

People ask this question and have a fear of the wall hung toilet pan falling off the wall.

However, One of the best things about a wall hung toilet is how easy it is to clean underneath. Unlike floor-standing toilets where germs and dirt accumulate, having the pan off the floor makes cleaning a breeze.

But what if something goes awry?

It’s a valid concern. With everything hidden behind the wall, you’d want to know if issues can be fixed easily. Thankfully, with concealed cisterns and wall hung frames, it’s a breeze.

Firstly, accessing the cistern is simple via the flush plate. Just remove it, and you can address any problems from inside the cistern. Plus, with an isolating valve, turning off the water is a snap—no more frantic searches for the water stop cock.

Our technical page even features handy instructional videos to guide you through any maintenance tasks.

In a nutshell, wall hung frames and concealed cisterns offer a sleek, modern, and pipe-free look for your bathroom without breaking the bank.

Now you are sold on why wall- hung is your best option , find out why we think Geberit Sigma cistern is the best in the business and feel free to browse our shop for your flush plates!

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