What’s In The Box?

In this blog I am going to look at exactly what you get in the box when you buy Geberit a wall hung frame., I’ll also try and touch on any installations where you may require additional items that are not provided as standard within the packs.

So, what does the Geberit wall hung frame that we provide come with as standard?.

         Geberit Pre Wall Brackets

Geberit Wall Fixings
  • 2 Duofix PreWall brackets for system
  • These are the wall brackets you need if you wish to attach your wall hung frame to the back wall. 200mm in length so realistically you can use them in ducts of upto180mm.
  • If you are using the wall hung frame in a duct larger than 200m, Geberit do have extension brackets which give you another 200mm, so you can go to a depth of around 360-400mm.
  • Wall brackets come as standard on the Geberit product code 111.383.00.5 ( 1.12 frame UP320 Sigma) .
  • You may notice cheaper frames which look the same, if they are marked as product code 111.384.00.5 they DO NOT come supplied with these wall fixings.
  • If you’re not fixing your frame to the back wall, then no problem, however, as most installations do fix to the back wall, it is important to know what you are buying is suitable for your needs.
  • You can also buy these brackets separately.

  • Water supply connection R 1/2″ male BSP parallel thread with integrated angle stop valve and hand wheel
  • Isolation valve which is used to switch the water on and off, a great little feature that is easy to install and means no running around looking for the stop cock to isolate the water supply.
  • Conduit pipe for the water supply connection of Geberit AquaClean
  • You will notice what installers and fitters sometimes think is an overflow pipe, it isn’t an overflow pipe it is the water feed for their AquaClean shower toilet.If you’re not using the shower toilet and just using a normal wall hung toilet pan, you can just ignore it, you don’t need it and it won’t cause any issues.
  • Flush Pipe Kit
  • Self-explanatory this one, the frame comes with all you need to attach the flush pipe into your wall hung toilet pan.
  • Protection plug
  • A yellow cup like piece of plastic , it’s designed to go over the top of your waste pipe to stop anything getting into it between 1st /2nd fix. It isn’t required for final installation or for use of the frame or toilet and can be dispensed with.
  • Protection housing for service opening
  • This is the ridged white plastic piece that you will see, fits on quickly and easily and can be cut down to the thickness of your board and tiles.
  • 2 threaded rods M12 for ceramics fastening
  • Two metal rods that screw into the frame, the frame has settings of 180mm and 230mm
  • Check which distance your wall hung toilet pan holes are, they will be one of the two distances, then hand screw them onto the frame and then attach your wall hung toilet pan to the frame.
  • WC connection set, ø 90 mm
  • Connects to the back of your toilet pan  and then slots into the item below.
  • WC outlet bend, HDPE, ø 90 mm
  • 90-degree waste bend, enables you to take your waste pipe left or right with this bend, if your waste is going straight out of the wall, you will need to order a straight connector.
  • Adaptor sleeve, HDPE, ø 90/110 mm
  • European Manufacturers and regulations mean some European companies standard sizes are not the same as UK, this handy little adaptor will allow you fix to UK 110m waste pipes.

It’s also worth noting that the wall hung frames and cisterns do not come with a flush plate.

Flush plates must be ordered separately , browse in our store to find your perfect flush plate to go with your Geberit Sigma wall hung frame.

If you do require any more information on the wall hung frames we sell in our store, please feel free to email us at [email protected].

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