Flush Plates

Enjoy exceptional value, diverse colours, styles, and finishes. Effortlessly retrofit or perfect for new installations. Experience quality and style without compromise. Customise your design with ease. Access our “how to install” video for seamless installation here .

All our flush plates are branded on the back of the back and come in our UVO branded packaging.

You get everything you need to fit in the box, including back plate, flush rods and locking rods.

Whether you are looking to replace and existing plate or if it’s a new installation , we have something for you in our shop.

View our UVO range below.

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Flush Plates

If you are still unsure as to which cisterns are compatible and why we use Geberit then head over to our cisterns page where we have compiled a breakdown of the reasons we use Geberit cisterns and our UVO plates make the perfect combination.

Alternatively you can head over to our blog section where you can find a wide range articles on various topics.

Our technical help page has handy videos to help fix issues and an easy to follow video on how to install your UVO flush plate.

You can also find a range of videos over on YouTube

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