Geberit Sigma Cistern

Geberit UP320 Sigma Concealed Cistern

Our flush plates are designed to work with Geberit Sigma cisterns.

Geberit is one of the most popular manufacturers and one of the market leaders ,their quality is renowned. If you are fitting a cistern behind the wall you want to ensure it is the best one one on the market and Geberit certainly has a strong claim to that.

The Sigma range is also the most popular and best selling range within the Geberit family of cisterns.

Below are some of the reasons why

Easy Access.

With access via the wide, easily accessible flush plate at the front , maintenance is simple and easy. Simply remove the flush plate and you access the inner workings of the cistern.

Subsequently, any faulty parts like the fill valve, flush valve or their washers can be quickly and easily removed and replaced should they need to be be.

Toilet seat protection

Unlike the Kappa range of cisterns, the Sigma is at a height where your toilet seat wont hit the flush plate when lifted. The toilet seat will be underneath your flush plate , protecting your flush plate from any possible damage.


Renowned for their quality world wide.

A Geberit Sigma cistern will help ensure you have the highest quality cistern behind the wall and our UVO flush plates will help keep the price down without compromising on quality.

In summary, The Geberit Sigma cistern is one of the best quality cisterns on the market today.

So which Geberit Sigma cistern will you choose to go with our UVO flush plates ?

Below are the cisterns that are compatible.

Geberit UP320 Sigma Concealed Cistern

Geberit Sigma Cistern UP320 Cistern, part number 109.309.00.5 for a back to wall installation, Part number 109.309.005

Geberit UP720 Sigma cistern, 8cm , slim profile for back to wall . Part number 109.792.00.1

Geberit Slim Cistern Wall Hung Frame

Geberit wall hung frame with Sigma UP320 cistern ,for wall hung installations Part number 111.383.00.5

Our flush plates can be retro fitted to existing cisterns to replace broken or out dated Sigma flush plates or used for a brand new installation .

We have a technical help page with handy installation and maintenance videos if you need it . All our flush plates come with written fitting instructions in the box, however, should you need to speak to ourselves for advice , we are always happy to help.

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