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BC Designs

BC Designs
BC Designs Essex Bath Khaki Green
BC Designs Copper/Nickel Boat Bath
BC Designs Painted Boat Bath

BC Designs

One of the most well known and respected brands on the market right now are BC Designs. Based in Colchester, Essex they have a huge range of baths, brassware, ceramic and furniture to suit all styles and price points, we will review all those in future articles but for this article we are going to focus purely on the baths, let’s have a look at just some of what they offer and why we recommend them.


Essex in Khaki Green

This extremely popular range of baths , the solid surface range offers everything from clean modern look to a more traditional look, available in a range of styles and sizes you can also choose from a polished or silk matt finish, If you fancy something a little different from white, then BC Designs also offer their unique and fantatsic ColourKast option giving you a choice of beautiful pastel colours , with the colour being added the whole way through the bath in the manufacturing process and not painted on, this means any scratches can easily be sanded out without being visible.

Metal Baths

Brass Boat Bath
Tin Boat Bath
Verdigris Boat Bath

One of the most eye catching and sought after ranges in the BC Designs portfolio ,the stunning range of metal boat baths offers a range of finishes including copper, nickel, tin, brass, antique copper and the Verdigris finish. In sizes 1500 or 1700 these baths will certainly add a touch of class to your bathroom.

Acrylic Baths

The acryllic range in the BC Designs collection is vast and like the collections above , there is is something for every style and a price that works.

The acrylic range are all one piece , twinned skinned baths, no panels or single skin, means you get a high quality feel bath.

In amongst this range is the best selling boat bath , it comes in three sizes 1580 ,1700 or 1800 and if you choose to use BC Designs painting service you can have it in your choice of colour.

The huge range, great quality and vast price points they offer means we have no problem recommending BC Designs .

Click on the link below to view BC Designs website and find your perfect bath.

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