Geberit Impuls 380 Valve

Geberit Valves

We now stock a range of Geberit valves in store. We stock the following Geberit Valves Impuls 380 Valve The Impuls 380 Valve is the fill valve found in the Geberit UP320 cistern  Comes with a 3/8 connection and is simple and easy to install. Impuls 250 Flush Valve The Impuls 250 Flush valve is…

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Geberit Impuls 250

Each month we will look at some of the Items you may need to replace from your cistern. This month it’s the turn of one of  the most widely used and best selling valves The Geberit Impuls 250. The Geberit Impuls 250 Also known as the Twico valve, this flush valve is used by many…

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