Technical Help Section

Welcome to our help page ,we have created the instructional videos below to help you with, Geberit technical issues and installation of our UVO flush plates.

We also have videos to help you fix any issues with your Geberit technical questions including changing or replacing valves and washers.

We pride ourselves on our after sales and technical service and have helped out numerous customers over the years fix issues and even identify which cistern they have installed.

Take a look at our helpful technical ‘how to’ videos below .

How To Install Our UVO Flush Plates

How To Fix A Geberit Fill Valve

How To Fix A Geberit Flush Valve

If you still need assistance or have any questions regarding our UVO range of flush plates or have any Geberit technical queries , feel free to contact us [email protected] or you can WhatsApp or call us on 07546 160910.

Also, don’t forget our website has a wide range of information about our UVO range of flush plates, Geberit Cisterns and our full range of flush plates are available in our store.

Additionally you can also check out our regularly updated blog where we post all our latest news and information

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