Geberit flush valve

How to replace your Geberit flush valve washer

Our instructional video below will show you how to replace your Geberit flush valve washer quickly and easily.

When you have a Geberit cistern ,water leaking into your toilet pan , can usually be attributed to a few things.

The flush Valve, The fill valve or something in the cistern that isn’t allowing the flush valve to drop and seal.

In this video, we focus on the flush valve, showing you how to easily replace your Geberit flush valve washer.

Firstly, The Geberit cistern allows easy access and maintenance of all the internal parts and any issues can usually be resolved swiftly and easily.

Moreover, we will take you through the entire process.

Everything from taking off the flush plate to removing the flush valve. We will help identify if your washer could be the cause of your leaking water.

If you’re looking for our accompanying video on how to replace the Geberit fill valve washer you can view it on our site here.

How to Replace Geberit Flush Valve Washer Video

Fixing a leaky Geberit cistern is quick and easy and inexpensive.

You will see from some of the comments on our YouTube Channel that you don’t have to be a plumbing expert.

These videos have helped many people fix their leaky cistern.

The ease of maintaining and the quality and reliability is what makes the Geberit cisterns so respected.

For more information on Geberit Sigma cisterns and why we chose our UVO range of flush plates to be compatible with them , click here.

I hope this video has proved useful for those that needed it .

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