UVO PVD Matt Black Flush Plate

Beautiful Matt Black PVD Flush Plate

We are thrilled to announce we have added the stunning Matt Black flush plate in PVD finish flush plate to our ever popular UVO Brushed Stainless Steel Flush Plate collection – the stunning Matt Black PVD finish. Elevate your bathroom aesthetics with this sleek and modern design.

UVO PVD Matt Black Flush Plate

Durability and Longevity

With its sleek design and robust functionality, our UVO Brushed Stainless Steel Flush Plate has gained immense popularity. Now, with the addition of the Matt Black finish, we’re raising the bar even higher.

Moreover, the striking contrast between brushed stainless steel and Matt Black makes this flush plate a standout feature in any bathroom. The PVD finish ensures not just timeless elegance but also improved durability, making it a smart investment for your home.

Benefits Of PVD Finishes

Our new Matt Black Flush Plate features a PVD finish.

PVD technology enhances durability and longevity, offering exceptional benefits:

Exceptional Durability: Say goodbye to wear and tear with our Matt Black PVD finish, ensuring your flush plate maintains its stunning appearance for longer.

Corrosion Resistance: Shield your flush plate from corrosion, making it perfect for moisture-prone bathroom environments.

Scratch Resistance: Enjoy a flawless look with our highly scratch-resistant Matt Black PVD finish, even with regular use.

Easy Maintenance: Effortlessly wipe away fingerprints and watermarks, keeping your flush plate looking pristine with minimal effort.

Why Choose UVO PVD Flush Plates?

Aesthetically Pleasing: Add a touch of modern luxury to your bathroom with our Matt Black finish.

Versatile Design: Complementing a variety of styles, our flush plate fits seamlessly into contemporary or traditional themes.

Durable Investment: Built to last, our flush plate combines style and durability for lasting beauty.

Upgrade your bathroom with our Matt Black PVD Finish Flush Plate. Order now and experience style, durability, and innovation.

Furthermore, Our Matt Black PVD Stainless Steel flush plate is compatible with Geberit Sigma range of cisterns.

So, If your looking to replace your existing Geberit Sigma flush plate or if it’s a new install and your looking for a great value alternative o the Geberit Sigma10 , Sigma20, Sigma30 or Sigma50 flush plate, then take a look in our store

Also, click here to find out why we think Geberit Sigma cisterns are the best option for you.

Cost Effective

Our UVO range of flush plates now make it easy for you to achieve the perfect finish in your bathroom.

In fact, you can now choose from our ABS material flush plates in Matt White , White, Matt Black or Chrome.

Also, you can choose from our Stainless steel options in brushed, Matt Black PVD , Brushed Gold PVD , Brushed Gun Metal PVD, Whatever your needs or budget, you can find a flush plate to fit your style and budget here.

All our dual flush plate are suitable for Geberit Sigma cisterns only. You can find more information on why we believe these cisterns are the best in the business here

Additionally, don’t forget to visit our technical help page where you will find handy instructional videos.

That includes a range of helpful ‘how to’ instructional videos including..

Quickly install your UVO flush plate.

How to change the Geberit flush valve.

How To change the Geberit fill valve.

Our videos have helped many people, so if they help you don’t forget to let us know in the comments section

Alternatively, if you like a good read, head over to our blog page , where we have more information on all our products along with some general bathroom musings.

Also, don’t forget ,we are always happy to here directly from you too, so get in touch if you have any questions.

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