Geberit Kappa Cistern

Geberit Kappa Cistern

How to identify if you have a Geberit Kappa Cistern.

As you know by now, all our flush plates are designed to fit only Geberit Sigma cisterns.

I appreciate it’s not always easy to differentiate between the various cisterns that Geberit produce.

Indeed, we get numerous phone calls, emails and social media DM’s asking for advice and we are always happy to help wherever we can.

So in this blog I will go over how you can tell if you have a Geberit Kappa cistern.

Geberit Kappa Cistern

I will also add a link to where you can purchase the Kappa range of flush plates and spares.

Let’s start with the basics, Geberit Kappa cisterns come in 2 height sizes .082 and .98cm .

You probably won’t be able to tell the difference with the untrained, naked eye, but nonetheless it doesn’t matter.

Both sizes have exactly the same fittings and flush plates, so no matter the size you will need the same flush plates and valves.

The signs to look for

How to tell if it’s a Geberit Kappa cistern once it’s installed?.

There are a few things that identify a Kappa cistern even after it’s installed.

I want to start with the obvious, first thing you see, the flush plate.

The Geberit Kappa range of flush plates is not as extensive as some of their other ranges.

You can view them below .

All are available in various colours/ finishes , but only 3 designs you need to check.

Also, worth mentioning that Kappa 50 will be a metal flush plate, the Kappa 20 and 21 will be plastic.

No Flush Plate ? , No Problem

I have had calls several times of people that have recently moved into a new property, or had their flush plate stolen ( yes really! ) , so they couldn’t check what the flush plate looked like.

So lets move onto the next way you can tell if you have a Geberit Kappa cistern.

The image below is from the most recent image we received from an end user , looking to find out which flush plate they needed.

You can see that the back plate in the image was missing , but I have added an image of it next to it below, so you can see, as sometimes this maybe still in place.

There are several things in the images above that identify your have a Geberit Kappa cistern.

The Kappa Back Plate

Firstly, the back plate has the spring on the side and is secured via screws, you can see in the first image that the fixing rods with the screws still in them are still in the cistern.

Both the fixing rods will need to be removed from where they are and then threaded back through to secure the back plate into position on the wall, then tightened up with a screwdriver.

This is important as for example a Geberit Sigma cistern has no screws and is all click into place.

The Internals

Next , you will see thin green and white flush rods in the image above.

These are another great identifier, if you have these then you have a Geberit Kappa cistern.

If there is no flush plate, no flush rods and no back plate, you can shine your torch to the back of the cistern.

There should be a part code, which should be in this format, this may not be the exact number but it should be in this format.

Simply type that code into your search engine and it will come up with your cistern and tell you which model it is if it’s a Geberit one.

Always here to help

I hope this has helped you someway in determining if you have a Geberit Kappa cistern.

As I mentioned earlier in this blog, we are always happy to help with advice where we can , so don’t hesitate to contact us if you need advice.

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