Geberit Wall Hung Frame

Why should I have a wall hung toilet ?

In this post I want to talk about the benefits of installing a wall hung toilet. And hopefully will dispel some of the myths out there that deter people from choosing a wall hung toilet.

What do we mean by wall hung toilet ?.

Well,  it’s not quite wall hung , it certainly gives the illusion as it is hung on the wall, however, the key part in this is that the toilet pan is secured safely via a frame that is behind the wall.

The frame is secured to the wall. It has two bolts which protrude out which allows the toilet pan to be secured onto it.Meaning all you then see is your wall hung toilet pan against your tiles.

Is it safe?

People ask this question and have a fear of the wall hung toilet pan falling off the wall.

Using Geberit Wall Hung frames as an example, this is tested to a weight of 400 kg ! that’s 63 stone in old money. I have had mine nearly 10 years now and have never had an issue and wouldn’t have anything else.

Having a wall hung frame or concealed cistern also allows any unsightly pipework to be hidden away behind the wall.

Easy clean

Another great reason for wanting a wall hung toilet. The toilet pan off the floor is great for hygiene reasons and the ease of which you can clean underneath. The bottom of a floor standing toilet pan can be a disgusting place where germs and dirt gather, but having the pan off the floor enables quick and easy cleaning of the area below it.

What if it goes wrong ?

Another question that is often asked.” What if something goes wrong? or ” how can I fix it?”.

It is understandable that if you have everything tucked away behind the wall, you would want to know if any issue that arises could be resolved. And with the concealed cisterns and wall hung frames this is easily resolved.

Access to the cistern is via the flush plate. The flush plate is easy to remove and you can then change everything from inside the cistern.

There is an isolating valve which means no running around trying to find your water stop simply isolate the water from the cistern.

You then remove or replace  the washers or valves  , turn the water back on , replace the flush plate again and you are good to go.

Our technical page also has videos to help you with changing washers on the fill and the flush valve.

Additionally , wall hung frames and concealed cistern are a great way to achieve a sleek modern,look for your bathroom.And best of all, won’t cost you the earth.

Browse our shop if you just want a flush plate to replace an existing or broken Geberit Sigma one. Or if you are looking at a complete new installation and want an affordable flush plate.

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